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A Day In The Life | Maternity | CT

In Family Portrait, Photography on September 2, 2014 at 8:09 PM
The Hall family and I spent a morning together documenting this special time in their life – preparing for their first baby. They’ve decided to make as much homemade, organic and locally sourced baby food as they can so I got to watch them jar and freeze some of their bounty. I tried the peach and plum frozen treats – and they were quite delicious. We included their first baby….Bella…in a few photos and a walk – she got to taste the peach treat too. It was such a pleasure getting to witness the love between them.

Day In The Life sessions are meant to be photo journalistic in nature. Nothing is staged. We use whatever natural light is available and make images of life – just as it is. Once the session is done you will receive prints from your day so that years from now you can pull them out, pass them around and tell stories from this time in your journey.


A Day In The Life | Family Portrait Session | CT

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A day in the life portrait sessions are something new I’ve been experimenting with lately. Rather than dressing up, coming to my studio and trying to get everyone to behave perfectly to make one beautiful photo – I come to you and document your life as is. I’m your paparazzi for a few hours and we capture all those precious moments that make life wonderful …. mess, imperfection and all.

This morning bath is just one activity we photographed in the three hours I spent with this family. I love the bottom right image because it contains three generations of love. Grammie in the background helping Josh get clean … while he leans over and looks at a photo of his great-grandfather.

And one of Joshua’s twin brother Jacob – taking a break from watching Mickey and eating breakfast to give me some serious checking out. I was told Jacob is more introverted and loves really taking people in – so this moment captures him wonderfully. :)

Twenty Two [A Creative Collaboration Between Two Cousins] | Story

In Art, collaboration, local artist, personal, Photography, twenty two on February 12, 2014 at 4:27 PM

The last time the spirit of change called her it was a quiet whisper – an achy, familiar longing she could not deny.


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About Twenty Two Story Project

Twenty Two [A Creative Collaboration Between Two Cousins]

In collaboration, personal, Photography, twenty two on January 21, 2014 at 3:19 PM

Lydia and I are moving our project in a new direction. Here is her post explaining the idea and revealing her first picture – to which I am responding below.

Here’s the idea. Last week she took a picture and posted it on her blog. This week I am responding to her picture with words (I am challenging myself to keep it to twenty-two words each week) – which will be the beginning of what we hope will be an unfolding story – and posting my picture – to which she will respond the next week.

While the ingredients for her amazing cranberry apple chutney were simmering, she wondered what the ingredients for an amazing life would be. 


About our project.

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Portrait Photographer | Manchester, CT | Children

In Children, Photography, Portrait on January 9, 2014 at 7:09 PM

How sweet is she? Mom brought L in to recreate a vintage photo of her Memere. I love doing this type of portrait work! Such a blessing to help a family make new memories and gifts.

twenty two [a creative collaboration between two cousins]

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This weeks subject: Anxiety | Depression | Panic Attacks

Hello my dear cousin L ~

How are you? I’m really liking how this project is keeping us connected. Or – getting us connected. Even if when we don’t interact between postings (and I’m so glad we did connect this week) – I believe that doing work like this joins us together in spirit no matter the physical distance between us. We choose a challenging topic this week. I’ve experienced all three of these things in the past and part of me didn’t want to go there again. To photograph something like a panic attack means needing to try to remember how it felt – and it was scary enough experiencing it the first time. I resisted the process and had a lot of empathy for people who write memoirs about troubling pasts because it gave me a glimpse into how brave they have to be to take on that mantle of pain again, for a short time, to make sense of it and share it to try to help another human being.

I’m not sure if it’s a help or a hindrance to explain these pictures or not. Sometimes it’s best to let the viewer find their own meaning. What I will say it that making art awes me. I started off with a particular idea for these images – and they wound up expressing something entirely different then what I was consciously intending – but that are totally on point with how I viewed my struggles with these things. I’m becoming more convinced that Art makes and uses us – more than the other way around. When I give up control and submit myself to the process it is like making room for an idea that has been patiently waiting to be born to come through – we are just the vessel. Do you know what I mean?

I love you and am sending a hug.


Click on the images to see them in full.

Lydia’s post for this week is here.

About our project: Twenty Two

Twenty Two [A Creative Collaboration Between Two Cousins]

In Art, collaboration, local artist, personal, Photography, twenty two on November 22, 2013 at 10:03 AM

Main Topic: HOME

Sub Topic: Objects [that make us feel at home]

Hi L,

It’s rainy here this morning and all I want to do is crawl back in bed with a good book. Instead I’m in the studio getting ready to do my first massage of the day and finishing up my post to you.  What are we going to shoot next week? Maybe our readers can pick the “sub topic” for us?

As you know, at least I think you know, everything I owned was in a storage unit for three years (after I’d been laid off, traveled, etc). That time was a great reminder of how little we really  need to live. My life was still full and filled with laughter and love even without all my junk. When I moved into the studio and got all that stuff out of storage I was almost overwhelmed by some of it – AND so excited to see a few of the things I’d forgotten about. This candlestick is one. About 14 years and 3000 miles ago I worked with a young guy who was trying to figure out what to with his life. He really loved working with wood – but his family/friends made him feel that doing any sort of work that involved artistry wasn’t a smart economical move. We had long talks about it and I passionately insisted he need to follow his heart and talents. No regrets. One morning he showed up for his shift with this candlestick. He’d been up all night making it and had come in to tell me he was quitting his job as he’d been accepted at a woodworking school near the Redwood Trees in CA. I was so proud of him – and inspired by his courage! The candlestick is a treasured object in my home. It reminds me of a wonderful soul, of taking risks and of how much we can be impacting other lives without ever knowing it.

The Muppets are just goofy and they make me smile. When I lived out in WA I worked at a Starbucks while going to massage school. These little guys were an item that we sold and when they went on sale I scooped them up. They remind me to not take life so seriously and are a throw back to my childhood. I did grow up watching them on t.v. (ugh, that ages me).

Lastly, this lovely little piece of pottery. A gift from a very talented friend who makes jewelry out in Portland, OR. Something about it makes me feel calm. The card behind it came from the Farnsworth Art Museum up in Maine. A friend and I had gone there to see the Wyeth collection – pictured is a painting that was done at the Olson house. The light in his paintings, along with the soft, muted – sort of grayed out colors – also go a long way to soothe my soul. Also – and I didn’t get anything of his – we saw an exhibit by Paul Caponigro when we were there. He’s not someone either of us had known about. He was a landscape photographer who worked with people like Minor White. He’d done work called “The Hidden Presence of Places” that I got chills from. I felt a calling to his work and to follow a similar path. So, even though the card is a painting from Wyeth – it also brings me back to Caponigro and reminds me to keep growing in our shared craft so that one day I can follow that call I felt. Do you think photography is a craft by the way? Or an art?

Til next time.


Here is a link to Lydia’s post from last week:

Here is her link for this week:

Twenty Two [A Creative Collaboration Between Two Cousins]

In Art, local artist, personal, Photography, twenty two on November 8, 2013 at 7:10 AM

Dear Lydia,

I’m so excited to be starting this project with you!!

I want this first post to be a little bit of an “aside” to our readers to help them understand what we are doing and why.

Lydia and I are cousins with a 22 year age difference between us. In addition to the generation gap, we’ve never lived close enough to one another to bond as much as we might like to.  We are both creatively bent and having little love affairs with our cameras.  Lydia went to college for photography right out of high school and I taught myself after the age of 40. The idea of collaborating on a project together has come up on several of our last visits and today is the day to begin! Yay!!

One of my ideas had been to explore our perspectives on the world. Pick a subject – each of us shoot it – and learn from each other. I’ve been reflecting lately on how much the way the world sees us can affect how we see the world and how we value self. I’m curious to find out where our commonalities are – how much do our shared family genes shapes us; and where our differences are. (And I love the differences – they open your eyes to new worlds) Factually speaking: I am the oldest cousin – Lydia is the youngest. She is tall and blonde and grew up in the 90’s. I am shorter, take after the Italian side of my family – and grew up in the 70’s/80’s. She’s following her passions straight out of the gate. I’ve come to mine after travelling long, meandering roads in life.

Our project is to photograph a sense of place with the guiding force being to photograph the places where we feel at home. This will give us a chance to get to know one another more intimately and stretch our creative and photographic muscles. We will be posting on Friday’s – each to our own space and linking back to one another. There will be one to several images with a few words.

I encourage you to check out Lydia’s Website and FB page. She is a model, artist and advocate who has only just begun to make her mark on the world. She’s full of energy and is driven to find ways to support the people in her community through their struggles in life. One of the things I admire about Lydia is her willingness to jump in and explore the things she feels passionate about. With a big heart and a willingness to be bold I know she will positively impact all she comes across.

What do you think Lydia? Are you as happy as I am that this has begun? I’m really looking forward to seeing your post next Friday.

Love, love, love,


P.S. Something I didn’t even consider until after creating this first post. I shoot with a Nikon and Lydia with a Cannon. Mines been dropped in water and sand and all the pieces on the back are falling off. Lydia got herself a lovely new camera as a graduation present. They kind of match us – I’m older and starting to fall apart and Lydia is “fresher” if you will. ;-)


Here is a link back to Lydia’s first post – I must say, I love it!

♥ LOVE ♥

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Family Portrait in Wickham Park – Manchester, CT

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I realize that each time I share a few photos from my portrait sessions I use similar descriptives.  “I had so much fun; it was an honor; this family is beautiful; can’t wait to share a sneak peek…” Thankfully – it’s always true. I love what I do and the people I get to meet in the process. The Qureshi family was no different. They showed up to our chosen location of Wickham Park right on time and dressed wonderfully. In fact, in the back of my mind I was wishing I could hire Marcy to help all my clients get ready for their sessions. [Take note future clients – all of their colors compliment each other without being too “matchy” – and they convey the vibrancy of this family] Marcy is due with baby number two in a few weeks – so we got this session in just in time and I’m very happy to share it with you. ♥ [Please note – you can click on each image to view it larger/in a slide show format]

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