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Massage Reviews

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THANK YOU! I always get excited when my phone dings to let me know someone left a massage review. Your positive feedback is always appreciated.

If you need to reduce some stress and increase your sense of well being – you can book your next appointment HERE.

I look forward to seeing you soon! ūüôā

Updates for 2022: Covid-19, Pricing, and Instagram

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Happy New Year!

Crossing my fingers for a more easeful 2022, how about you?

This message is being sent to keep you updated on Covid policies and session pricing for 2022.

We‚Äôve all experienced price increases across industries and I‚Äôve noticed that many of my colleagues have upped their massage fees –¬† most to $90 an hour.

At this time I am choosing **NOT TO RAISE PRICES**. I don’t want a higher appointment rate to be a barrier to your wellness through massage.

Rather than raise prices, I am considering removing package discount pricing ‚Äď however at this time you can still purchase two sessions at once to save 5%.

Photo by Anete Lusina on

COVID policies: 

Masks are again required throughout your session ‚Äď no matter your vaccination status. All last-minute cancellation fees will be waived for the time being. ¬†I urge you to please reschedule your time with me if you feel unwell in any way or have been knowingly exposed to anyone who has tested positive for the virus.

I continue to keep 30 minutes between clients so that the massage room can be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. An air filter is run throughout your session, my hands are washed, hand sanitizer is used, a mask is worn, etc.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

My main priority is to continue to support your heath and well being and keep us all safe.

I look forward to working with you soon!
Be well,

P.S. I occasionally post self care videos over on INSTAGRAM, along with some of my art. If there is something you’d like to learn about – maybe reflexology points for different aches and pains – message me and look for the video over there. You can find me @TANIAPALERMOSTUDIOONMAIN

What to expect for your next massage . . .

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end of day

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End of the day
in a place I only had
a few moments in.
Excited because the light was pretty.
Anxious because I was with 
three people and two dogs
who are not photographers
or artists – who were being patient but also,
wanted to move along.
They don’t know how quickly
the light changes
or how long it’s been
since I’ve felt inspired
to capture something.
This is making many photos quickly …
rather than going slowly, looking at
angles and perspectives, or
waiting to feel moved
by the subject.
Just hoping one will turn out OK.

Newsletter – Week of June 24, 2018

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My next newsletter comes out tomorrow¬† morning – and in it is a crazy good massage special for the month of July.¬† If you want to sign up to receive future newsletters so that you’ll always know when a special is coming – send me a quick email to – and let me know.¬† All I need is your first name and a valid email address.

While you’re deciding … check out some of next week’s newsletter below:

Port Townsend WA for June 24 newsletter


Why I picked PTSM for my initial training in massage .  .  .

I lived in the PNW for many years – specifically Bellingham, WA [or B-ham as some locals referred to it]. When I got the itch to consider massage therapy as a career I made phone calls to lots of local schools. The first thing that drew me to PTSM [Port Townsend School of Massage] was that the woman who answered the phone was from New York!
I’d been missing the East Coast and I loved that she had an accent I was familiar with … and that she was a little – I don’t know the right words for it – maybe forward and loud. All the people I was surrounded by in B-ham were so laid back and nice I sometimes didn’t know what to do with myself.
That was not the deciding factor, of course – but it felt like serendipity and got me to drive out to the school for an interview.
Fun fact about my time there. Each weekend we had class I had to drive down the coast a few hours to get to Whidbey Island to then get on a ferry that took me over to the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend. One of my favorite parts of the trip was crossing Deception Pass. I wasn’t a photographer then … but stopped as often as I could to take pictures and walk around a little bit.
deceptions pass for june 24 newsletter
If we had time before class started after getting off the ferry, my friend Charity and I would rush to the Tyler Street Coffee House to see if there were any scones available. Seriously the best scone I’ve ever had, and they only made them a few times a week, so scoring one was a treat.
The whole thing was an incredibly rewarding and life changing experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything. In fact thinking about it now is making me heart achingly nostalgic.
pineapple june 24 newsletter
Hydration Recipe:
Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your body cool, helps muscles and joints work better and keeps skin supple. Here is this week’s hydration recipe:
Mango Pineapple Water
1 medium sized mango, thinly sliced
1 cup pineapple, chopped
Peel and slice one mango. Add 1 cup of finely chopped pineapple and water. Refrigerate 4-6 hours before drinking to allow flavors to infuse.
Bonus Tip:
Possible benefits of eating mango & pineapple:
Mango – may help to – promote clear skin; improve eye health; alkalize the body; & improve digestion.
Pineapple – may help to – aid immune system; support eye health; improve gut health [anti-inflammatory properties]; & strengthen gums.

texting image for june 24 newsletter

DIY Hand & Forearm Massage:

Too much texting?
Don’t worry.
Try this hand / forearm massage to help relax your muscles.
  • Relax one arm, palm up, on top of your thigh.
  • Push the heel of your other palm slowly along the forearm in the direction of your wrist.
  • Use enough pressure to feel some heat, but not to give yourself a brush burn.
  • Do the same thing across your open palm all the way down toward your fingertips, and again over the mound of your thumb.
  • Repeat a few times, and switch hands.



I’d love to send you tips too. If you want to sign up for the next newsletter leave your email in the comments below – or send me a quick message at:

New Main Location: Manchester, CT

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I’m excited to share with you the new main location for Tania Palermo [Studio on Main]. I’ll be sharing this space with Ellen Mangiafico who will be doing intimate yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions.
Beginning April 1, 2017  Massage Therapy services will be available at:
357 East Center Street in Manchester
Appointments will be booked Monday-Thursday and Saturday.
When you book online today you’ll be able to take advantage of a limited time special rate to help welcome old and new clients into my new space.
I’ve only ever offered such a steep discount one other time – so act now and let the relaxation begin!
Head shot & portrait photography services will be integrated into this new location within a few weeks as well. Contact me directly for inquiries.
I look forward to seeing you and welcoming you into this new location soon!
Contact info
Phone: 860.306.0067

Dogwood 52 : Week 1

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A local photography group I’ve just joined has decided to challenge ourselves with a 52 week photo project. ¬†Rather than coming up with our own list we are following along with one that has already been published online – the Dogwood 52 Photography Challenge.

It’s a lot of fun to see how other people choose to express themselves and it’s motivating to be accountable to a group of people. I’ve been batting around an idea for a while now, but always put it last on my list of things to do. ¬†This week 1 challenge at least ‘forced’ me to start playing with the idea and to take one step towards executing what I really want. Yay!

Week One:



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A head shot is a simple thing. A shot of you – usually from the shoulders up.


It’s a complicated thing when you understand that your face – the way you connect with the viewer – is your personal branding. It’s a terrifying thing for most people. It’s the rare experience when someone walks into my studio and says “I LOVE being the center of attention and am in my glory in front of the camera.” ¬†What usually happens is folks come in and are fairly animated during the casual chit-chat time – and then as soon as the camera comes out – deer in head lights. ¬†This is so normal. I’d do it too. In fact, maybe – as a photographer – I’d do it even more than you. I like my position behind the camera.


It is my job to help you relax so the real, beautiful, fierce you can shine through. If you’ve been thinking it’s time to re-brand your website or social media picture I can walk you through the process. It’s a privilege and honor to do what I do.




‚ÄúYou can find more than one portrait photographer in the field with a good eye for light and composition, but I discovered that Tania Palermo‚Äôs gifts and talents far exceed mere technical skills. She was able to explore with me what it was I wanted the photography to accomplish, and managed to bring to light what it is that fuels my passion for what I do. She captured the essence of what I want to convey to my clients in such a way that the photographs BECAME MY BRANDING. My website grew easily and naturally from the photographs themselves. I have received incredibly positive and superlative feedback from my friends and colleagues and clients about Tania‚Äôs portraits of me. If you want to boost your productivity or just to capture in photographs the essence of who you are and what is important in your life, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a visit to Tania‚Äôs studio!‚ÄĚ ~Karen Chadbourne

Make 2015 Your Year of Self Care – You’re worth it! | MASSAGE | Manchester, CT

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Throughout the 17 months I attended massage school, we were required to receive massage once a week on top of all the bodywork we got during our in class hours. As you can imagine this was incredibly delicious!! Not only did it create a group of massage junkies basking in the glow of all of that nurturing touch ‚Äď it also created space for some major life transformations to occur.

Our bodies can hold onto old traumas both physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Many of my classmates and I experienced huge breakthroughs and shifts in our selves / lives. Working with a licensed, caring practitioner who is skilled at holding a safe space can help you to release lots of old junk.

The freedom I experienced from regular, consistent bodywork allowed me to do things like quit smoking, walk 5 miles a day and treat myself more kindly overall. I was also able to be more present in all of my relationships, laugh more fully, sleep more soundly and overflow with creative thought. The more grounded in my body I became ‚Äď the more I was able to listen to those gut feelings and intuitions we all have. It was back then that I began to have visions of a community center ‚Äď the seed of which the studio is today.

On a physical level the more frequently you can work with a licensed massage therapist the easier it is to build trust and do deeper work. Clients that come to me at least once a month for a year report back to me that aches and pains they’ve had for years have almost completely diminished. They say they breathe easier, are more present for their children and have more to give in all areas of their lives because they’ve invested in themselves and filled up the well.

I believe strongly that 2015 can be your year of self-care. You deserve it!! Your loved ones will thrive in the light of your best you. Then the whole word will be a better place. :) Because of this I’m rolling out new Self Care Packages at a discount from my normal pricing to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Package #1 ‚Äď 20% savings*

Bi-weekly massage for 3 months. You’re jumping into the pool feet first. Ready to dive deep and be bold with the transformation you seek.

Therapeutic Massage                     Regular Price      Package Price    Savings

90 minutes                                          $690                       $552                       $138

60 minutes                                          $480                       $384                       $96

45 minutes                                          $390                       $312                       $78

30 minutes                                          $270                       $216                       $54

Package #2 ‚Äď 15% savings*

Monthly massage for one year. You are committed and courageous. You’re in it for the long haul and know your self-worth. Carving out space for yourself once a month is an incredibly kind act of self-love.

Therapeutic Massage                     Regular Price      Package Price    Savings

90 minutes                                          $1380                    $1173                    $207

60 minutes                                          $960                       $816                      $144

45 minutes                                          $780                       $663                       $117

30 minutes                                          $540                       $459                       $81

Package #3 ‚Äď 10% savings*

Monthly massage for 6 months. You’re craving change and know that investing in yourself can have long lasting effects.

Therapeutic Massage                     Regular Price      Package Price    Savings

90 minutes                                          $690                       $621                       $69

60 minutes                                          $480                       $432                       $48

45 minutes                                          $390                       $351                       $39

30 minutes                                          $270                       $243                       $27

Package #4 ‚Äď Earn as you go*

You‚Äôre in ‚Äď you know how important taking care of yourself is ‚Äď you just need to take it month by month. We‚Äôll keep a punch card for you at the studio. Once you receive 12 consecutive, monthly massages, your 13th one will be free!

*When a package is purchased a punch card will be created specifically for you with a start date and an expiration date. All massages must be used consecutively ‚Äď be that bi-weekly or monthly. If you choose to skip a week or month the massage will not be transferable. The purpose of offering a discounted rate is for you to experience the full benefits possible from a regular, consistent massage regimen.

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