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UPDATE: As of March 1, 2017 the 264 Main Street location has been closed. I will continue to serve your Massage Therapy and Portrait Photography needs. Please come visit me within this new location:

330 Main Street | Manchester, CT

Please note: the new location is inside of the old Armory building in Manchester. The building is being restored and the current entrance is through the BACK door, which can be accessed via Guard Street. Please contact me for me specific directions.


I am pleased to offer a quality massage at a reasonable price.  My therapeutic massage is tailored for your specific needs and includes a mix of any/all of the following modalities:

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Facial Rejuvenation, Shiatsu, Energy work and A.I.S.  One of my favorite parts of the body to work on is the neck/shoulder, head/face and I leave a little extra time at the end of each session to concentrate on these areas.  All session times are true times. In my hour massage you will actually receive 60 minutes of massage – so please plan your time accordingly.  All therapeutic massage sessions are by appointment Monday through Saturday.



Therapeutic Massage – [a therapeutic session designed to meet client needs using a combination of techniques such as Swedish massage; myofacial release, facial rejuvenation  deep tissue, reflexology, shiatsu, active isolated stretching and energy work]

90 minutes         $115

60 minutes         $80

45 minutes         $65

30 minutes         $45


Hot Stone Massage – [heated basalt stones are used in conjunction with Swedish Massage techniques]

90 minutes         $135

60 minutes         $100


“Take Ten” – [a ten minute chair massage or hand massage can do wonders to reduce stress and push the “refresh” button in your day]

Chair Massage

10 minutes         $12

Massage for the hands

10 minutes         $10


New Massage Series Pricing for 2019:

Series of 3 Therapeutic or Swedish Massage will be offered with a 5% savings

Series of 6 Therapeutic or Swedish Massage will be offered with a 10% savings

Series can be found HERE under the “Special Offers” tab and are titled Self Care Package.




Prices are valid for May 2013 and are subject to change at any time.

Accepted forms of payment are Cash and Credit Card

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  1. Hi Tania,
    My name is Julie McDonald. My son is Chad McDonald and I believe that you did some. Chair massages for your fathers residents at the hospital.

    I live in Medford Oregon and wondered if you do home massage. This is the situation. My husband and I are coming to South Windsor for the holidays, along with my daughter who is 28. Four of the adults want a massage as one of their gifts. Would that even be possible? Thank you

    • Hi Julie –

      I think it would be best if we communicated with a private email to book your appointments. You can reach me at: . Or leave me your email or phone number and I will contact you.

      Thanks for reaching out.

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