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UPDATE: As of March 1, 2017 the 264 Main Street location has been closed. I will continue to serve your Massage Therapy and Portrait Photography needs. Please come visit me within this new location:

330 Main Street | Manchester, CT

Please note: the new location is inside of the old Armory building in Manchester. The building is being restored and the current entrance is through the BACK door, which can be accessed via Guard Street. Please contact me for me specific directions.

**Being in the new location means that the studio does not exist in the same way as it used to, but the spirit of what I was originally creating is intact and I welcome you to tag along as things take on new shape and form over the next few years. I’m still very invested in supporting your health and well being, helping you to ‘put your best face forward’ and my heart still lies in building and supporting local community.


Studio on Main is not just a place that offers professional massage therapy and portrait photography services. It is a space that has intentionally been created to foster community through the arts, events and workshops. If you’re in a place of transition in your life – looking to connect with positive, like-minded individuals – and seeking inspiration as you continue on your journey, the studio is a safe space for you to find support and make new friends.

Everyone has a calling. A special talent or gift that is meant for a higher purpose. We’ve all experienced a little nudge or pull to go in a different direction – but so much time is spent on just surviving the day-to-day that we rarely get to ponder what it might be like to thrive – living lives doing work that is fulfilling, engaging and energizing.

Part of my purpose is to be present with you as you start to see life with new eyes and explore the possibilities of creating a new story. Here are several ways that can happen:

Massage Therapy

Regular, therapeutic massage can not only help you reduce stress and anxiety, ease aches and pains and increase blood circulation and body movement – it can help you move from living in a fear based / head spaced reality to living and breathing from  a love based, grounded, peaceful place. From here there is an opportunity to let go of old baggage and really pay attention to the guidance and wisdom your body and spirit wish to offer you as you begin to walk more fully towards the person you came here to be.

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Portrait Photography

Many of my clients come to me saying they haven’t had their picture taken for 20 years because they are always waiting ‘to be good enough’. At Studio on Main I want to help you change that belief system.  You need to exist in photos for yourself and your loved ones. Being photographed by a photographer whose intent is to witness and capture your beauty, value and soul through her lens can be a life changing, transformative experience.

Events & Workshops

In this day and age with technology abundantly available it seems like we’re forgetting how to connect with one another face to face. We are social creatures who need real life interaction to feel alive and fulfilled. We also need help when we are creating new possibilities for ourselves.  Studio on Main offers free events such as knitting nights and live “tiny house concerts” as well as workshops with powerful, enlightened teachers who can give you the tools you need to continue on your growth journey.

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