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UPDATE: As of March 1, 2017 the 264 Main Street location has been closed. I will continue to serve your Massage Therapy and Portrait Photography needs. Please come visit me within this new location:

330 Main Street | Manchester, CT

Please note: the new location is inside of the old Armory building in Manchester. The building is being restored and the current entrance is through the BACK door, which can be accessed via Guard Street. Please contact me for me specific directions.

This is what the building and parking lot look like through the rear entrance. It’s a little adventure to get to the beautiful massage room … but don’t worry, it’s worth it!


Entrance to the Armory is via the Guard St parking lot.  You can reach Guard St from Main St using either Armory St or Haynes St.  **As of June 2018 the fence is down – but everything else looks the same.


The lower, back door entrance is straight ahead. Do not go into the garage on the right. If you do, admire the cool antique fire engines they are restoring…then come into the main building and find me.   **As of June 2018 the fence is down – but everything else looks the same.


Go in this door. Walk to the end of the hall. Go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs go left. You’ll see a brown fire door – walk through it and you will find the room marked “Classroom” that has both the names Tania Palermo Studio on Main & Ellenanne Yoga on it. WELCOME! You made it. :)


**Being in the new location means that the studio does not exist in the same way as it used to, but the spirit of what I was originally creating is intact and I welcome you to tag along as things take on new shape and form over the next few years. I’m still very invested in supporting your health and well being, helping you to ‘put your best face forward’ and my heart still lies in building and supporting local community.


Tania Palermo [Studio on Main]


330 Main Street | Manchester, CT 06040


Phone: 860.306.0067  










Massage Therapy:

By appointment Monday – Saturday


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