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Experimenting with Encaustic and the Balance of running a Studio

In Encaustic, local artist, Photography on June 11, 2013 at 7:21 PM

I’m quickly learning how delicate the balance of owning my own studio is. There is so much behind the scenes ‘business’ to take care of that since moving in I’ve done almost nothing creative – and this has been slowly depleting my energy. I’d read a blog post a few weeks back about a woman whose had a successful working studio for many years now. She wrote that in the beginning her experience was much like I seem to be having – the day to day tasks of keeping things in order leaving no time or energy for the reason she opened her shop in the first place. Then she made a decision to commit to her creative process as much as she was to the business part of things – and she dedicated three days a week only to her art. I love this idea and want to adopt it. Today I succeeded in getting in half a day of ‘just art’ – and it was great!

I’ve been wanting to learn about encaustic photography for a while now. I hope to be able to take a class from Corina Alvarezdelugo soon – check her out on FB here, she’s an expert in the field of encaustics. Until then – I tried to teach myself today.

I learned that it’s super easy to make a big mess with melted beeswax; that I really need to take a class; and that you can just peel out what you don’t like and start again.

Can’t wait to do a little more tomorrow. What new thing did you try today?

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