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The Angel Oak

In Art, landscape, local artist, Photography on September 4, 2013 at 7:03 PM

One of my clients today was originally from CT and now lives in FL. We spoke for a few minutes about travel and where our favorite places have been. I’ve lived and traveled all over the country and can find something good to say about every stop along my journey. I will say the two Portland’s – OR and ME both caught my attention before I opened the studio here in CT – and I think I will live on the coast of Maine one day. Our chat got me reflecting on all the traveling I did while teaching myself photography – and specifically about the Angel Oak. It lives on Johns Island in South Carolina and is one of the largest and oldest living things on the east coast. One image that I made during my travels (see it here┬áhas been a popular seller for me. I searched through my archives and reworked another photo from that journey. The person was left in the image to give you a small idea of the size of this beautiful tree. What’s one of your favorite places?

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