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Senior Photo “Artsy Extras”

In Art, art portraiture, Business, local artist, Photography, Portrait, senior on August 15, 2013 at 5:27 PM

Thea came to have her senior photo taken this week. Her mom Jessica and I met in the 7th grade – so it was pretty crazy to be taking a photo of her daughter – older than we were when we met!! They were gracious enough to humor me with some more artsy moments in between getting the senior portrait. Jessica was “the sun”, holding my light reflector and Thea was my “part time model” – posing in ways that didn’t feel overly natural – but worked well for the feeling I wanted to create. Thea asked me if I knew how to / if I ever played around with the colors of the image in my post processing. I normally don’t if it’s for a straight up portrait – but for fun I spent a few moment with these. Art portraiture is definitely a passion for me and I love them for giving me the time to experiment.

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