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Had a wonderful time photographing these beautiful sisters recently. They were fun and playful and our hour together flew by.  Mom realized that her chances of getting them together were getting slimmer as one is in college and another a senior in high school. Along with doing a senior photo and some shots of the girls together and individually we also did a few family photos that included mom – which she said hasn’t happened in many years.  It’s so important to exist in photos for your friends and family and I’m so glad I got to capture a few moments for them.

Junior Prom | Tania Palermo Photographer | Manchester, CT

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Fun, fun, fun! It was a joy to be outside on a beautiful Spring evening and document a few moments before these three headed off to prom. :)

TPProm©TaniaPalermo2014 PromCollection©TaniaPalermo2014TylerEpplerProm©TaniaPalermoMay2014

Portrait Photographer | Manchester, CT | Senior

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Portrait Photographer | Manchester, CT | Thea

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I’m loving square crops recently. Also love Pablo Neruda. I came across this quote while processing this image and like them paired together.

“Someday, somewhere – anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”
― Pablo Neruda

More [not] Senior Portraits with Thea

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One comment that stood out to me from our senior portrait session together was Thea’s mom saying something like ”That’s beautiful, but it’s too … MAGAZINE”. This made us all laugh. It was both a compliment and a good reminder to me that we needed to change-up the style of the shoot a little bit. It was exciting though, to see the growth in my images. Maybe a year or so ago we would have said, “That’s cool, but it’s just too … 4th grade art project”. It was a true pleasure working with Jess and Thea. Both artists themselves, it was great to get their input on what we were doing, where we were photographing and how the light should be. Collaboration with other artists can be so energizing. Here are a handful of images we made that won’t make the yearbook but are still lovely and fun.

Senior Photo “Artsy Extras”

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Thea came to have her senior photo taken this week. Her mom Jessica and I met in the 7th grade – so it was pretty crazy to be taking a photo of her daughter – older than we were when we met!! They were gracious enough to humor me with some more artsy moments in between getting the senior portrait. Jessica was “the sun”, holding my light reflector and Thea was my “part time model” – posing in ways that didn’t feel overly natural – but worked well for the feeling I wanted to create. Thea asked me if I knew how to / if I ever played around with the colors of the image in my post processing. I normally don’t if it’s for a straight up portrait – but for fun I spent a few moment with these. Art portraiture is definitely a passion for me and I love them for giving me the time to experiment.

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