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More [not] Senior Portraits with Thea

In Art, art portraiture, local artist, Photography, Portrait, senior on August 18, 2013 at 3:53 PM

One comment that stood out to me from our senior portrait session together was Thea’s mom saying something like ”That’s beautiful, but it’s too … MAGAZINE”. This made us all laugh. It was both a compliment and a good reminder to me that we needed to change-up the style of the shoot a little bit. It was exciting though, to see the growth in my images. Maybe a year or so ago we would have said, “That’s cool, but it’s just too … 4th grade art project”. It was a true pleasure working with Jess and Thea. Both artists themselves, it was great to get their input on what we were doing, where we were photographing and how the light should be. Collaboration with other artists can be so energizing. Here are a handful of images we made that won’t make the yearbook but are still lovely and fun.

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