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14 things I’ve learned since leaving massage school : #12

In Massage, Uncategorized on March 31, 2016 at 11:26 AM

(March 15th marked 14 years since my first day of massage school out in Port Townsend, WA. I spent a little time reflecting on what I’ve learned from having my hands on countless bodies of all different shapes, sizes, and levels of health over the years.  In random order here are some of my observations and things I wish my clients knew.)

#12  Massage Music-LESS Mondays

You know the campaign that’s been floating around for years now to get people to add more plant based meals into their diet? Meatless Monday. Well, the studio is closed on Mondays and I’ve taken the pledge to always have “massage music-less Mondays”.

Don’t get me wrong. Massage music is beautiful and soothing and an important tool in helping to create an environment that encourages relaxation. And, every once in a while I hit my limit of hearing ocean waves crashing, or bells ringing and flutes fluting. There was a time period about 4 years into my massage practice when I played anything but massage music for anyone who would let me. We did a lot stuff like Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux. Several clients made me ‘mix tapes’ of their favorite music to unwind to and we’d play that during their sessions.


Help us massage therapists get out of our massage music blues and bring in something you’d like to listen to. We’ll appreciate the variety and you may even let go more easily listening to something you can connect with.

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