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“Tania always amazes me with the level of comfort, skill and integrity she has in her practice. The way she tends so thoughtfully to every detail of your well being while you are with her is truly a gift.” ~Jennifer M

“Tania is absolutely amazing! Highly recommended her for therapeutic massages. I love her expertise and her space is very relaxing.” ~Marnie S

“Tania is a miracle worker!!!! The best massage you will ever ever have. I can’t say enough about how wonderfully healing her hands are.” ~Lilia G

“Tania is the best!! She is very skilled and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her.” ~Erika S

“So great! I’m proud of you. Listen, anyone that thinks massage is just a luxury, Wrong….I was in dire need of one as I have a very physical job, commercial and residential landscape gardening. Tania worked my muscles and actually refreshed my very being. It’s hard work to be a massage therapist I’m sure but to also have a beautiful studio to share with friends and colleagues, and to have such talent is something to be extremely proud of. We love you Tania” ~Sandra G, Hebron

“Had an amazing experience last night receiving the benefits of a true therapeutic massage with Tania Palermo. She is a truly gifted healer. I was told I even looked different afterwards. Please check out her page and give yourself the gift of time with her as well!” ~Ruby S, Manchester

“Tania Palermo is a true health care giver.” ~Karen D, Manchster

“BIG shout out to Tania Palermo for bestowing on me her magic hands, and giving me the best therapeutic massage I have ever had! Thank you T… are a gift! If you are looking for a truly wonderful, relaxing experience that will not only shift a few muscles, but shift your mind, call Tania!” ~Mary Kay Duffy Kemper

“You can find more than one portrait photographer in the field with a good eye for light and composition, but I discovered that Tania Palermo’s gifts and talents far exceed mere technical skills. She was able to explore with me what it was I wanted the photography to accomplish, and managed to bring to light what it is that fuels my passion for what I do. She captured the essence of what I want to convey to my clients in such a way that the photographs BECAME MY BRANDING. My website grew easily and naturally from the photographs themselves. I have received incredibly positive and superlative feedback from my friends and colleagues and clients about Tania’s portraits of me. If you want to boost your productivity or just to capture in photographs the essence of who you are and what is important in your life, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a visit to Tania’s studio!” ~Karen Chadbourne,

“Thank you so much Tania! My massage experience with you was amazing. The atmosphere in the studio is perfect. I am extremely insecure about my body and you provided a very comfortable and friendly environment that let me relax and enjoy! Not everyone can do that. I could feel your sweet spirit and positive energy during my massage. If I could come back every week I would!!” ~Laura, Vernon CT

“… I always look forward to coming in to see Tania for a massage .   As soon as I drive up and as I walk in I think I already start to breathe easier.  Tania has created such a warm and comfortable environment.  Each time I come in I look forward to seeing what is new in the studio, photographs and other artwork, listening to the music playing.   All these things are so inviting and touch all the senses – and this is before the massage even starts. Most importantly I feel confident in her abilities as a massage therapist.  She clearly hears what I say and “listens” to what she picks up on energetically.  That is why I keep coming back! ~Margo

“Tania has been an amazing photographer for my growing family.  We began with photographs while I was pregnant and then had her work with us right after the baby was born, and now one year later.  It is so beautiful to see her capture the candid moments.   We love her ideas, she is artistic and expressive with her work which makes for fantastic family photographs!” ~Marcy Qureshi

“I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years and I have had many massages. I would like to start by saying Tania is truly the best. Tania’s knowledge of the muscles and compassionate heart allow for a magnificent massage experience. Tania’s professional demeanor allows for an extremely relaxed experience. Tania’s talents reach far beyond the massage table, her gift of photography is visibly seen within her studio. The moment you walk in, her ability to capture joy and appreciation in all things is clearly evident and captivating. The aroma is overflowing with sweetness! As far as a recommendation, I guarantee a wonderful massage and I promise you an eyeful of talented rare artwork, but more importantly…I bet Tania will blow you away with her amazing ability to have you walk in as a client and leave as a friend! Check it out….you will be glad you did!” ~Ann Rector, Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Instructor, Destin, Florida

“When you’re looking to capture your memories and relieve your physical pain, you need someone you can trust. Someone you’d send your best friend, daughter, or mother to. Tania is that person. Her studio emanates peace, joy, and care. I’ve held workshops there and people immediately feel at home as they enter and they are slow to depart. Her photography is nothing short of incredible and her talent is equaled only by her passion for it.” ~Dr. Bridget Cooper, Pieces In Place Consulting,

“Tania’s Studio is a pure oasis. There is a transformation that happens as you step through the door…a warmth, a familiarity…like a home-coming. It is a beautiful, welcoming space guaranteed to leave you feeling peaceful & renewed. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to meeting Tania and experiencing her studio first hand!” ~Alexandra Lowry, The Wisdom Alliance, Glastonbury, CT

“Tania opened up her studio to host the Make It Work! Make a Statement. What do YOU want to say to the world? event in September 2014.  The event was designed to empower women which included fashion tips from expert Terry Standish, photos capturing the women’s statements taken by the talented Tania Palermo, and makeovers demonstrated by me as a professional beauty consultant.  The studio was the perfect space and had the best ambiance for this event because it helped women feel comfortable sharing their statements and confident in their own bodies.  I look forward to hosting many more events with Tania at her beautiful studio on Main Street.” ~Olivia Mazzarella, MARY KAY Independent Sales Director

“I have so enjoyed meeting you [Tania] over the last month and the vision board workshop was fantastic – a great opportunity to just take some much-needed time for ourselves, reflect on what the year brought and what our hopes for next year are. I LOVE your [the studio] space and it instantly makes folks happy and calm and there are little delights around every corner (my favorite was finding the funky mannequin in the bathroom). I am loving my pumpkin scrub and the photo coasters I bought are going to make a perfect gift for my photo/camera loving sister. I can’t wait to give them to her. Another photo you had in the studio is still calling to me – the one with the girl setting off, suitcase in hand, to find herself and conquer her dreams. I may have to come back for that one…..I hope that we continue to cross paths and I have no doubt that your space and your eclectic collection of services and programs will succeed because the common denominator is YOU and you are fabulous!  … promise that we will meet back up in the new year (or before) for more quality time with like-minded ladies.”
Courtney Hendricson, Assistant Town Manager, Enfield, CT

“I attended a workshop at Tania Palermo’s Studio on Main and didn’t want to leave! What a welcoming, warm, beautiful environment. Just walking up to the front door is an experience – so many beautiful items to stop and admire. The space beckons you to enter and then Tania makes you feel like a long-lost friend. Find any excuse to visit. It’s a lovely place.” ~Marianne Pantalon, Step Stones Jewelry,

“It will be a treat for our daughter to look back at us as we were, relaxed as is (and in the comfort of our home), instead of posed in the same pose as everyone else. It’ll be a treat for us to look back too! Tania you were an excellent paparazzi, even for semi-shy people like us. We were comfy, and we love the photos!” ~Kelly H., High School Art Teacher, CT


“Ms. Tania Palermo is a kind,  warm soul. I was completely comfortable and satisfied with her massage services. Tania is also an incredible artist whose work show an ease of the human spirit. Her photos are intriguing and easy to fall into. I hope your search for a photographer/healer ends in her studio :)” ~Karyn Evans, Bristol, CT

“I loved the [pumpkin spice] scrub…!!! After I used it my belly and arms where so soft and smelled so good!!!” ~Tamyka Jones, Windsor, CT

“Around Graduation time I was trying to figure out why I felt surprisingly relaxed at the end of the year. It is certainly not because I had the year off! The only factor I can isolate is that this year I had a massage … by Tania–every week. I look forward to these weekly massages once again, and to another calm end of the year next May.” ~Cecilia, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

  1. Hello do u require draping during the massage ? Would it be ok to wear a thong instead of being covered up ? Thanks

  2. Had the best therapeutic massage ever! I had an impinged nerve in my back while at my home in Texas. Had a great physical therapist who helped me greatly. When I returned to my home in Glastonbury, my daughter who is a Physical Therapist made an appointment for me with Tania Palermo. She worked specifically on the areas that are healing and added to that a great relaxing massage. She is a lovely person which puts icing on the cake of her knowledge and professionalism. Thanks Tania. Will see you again soon.

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