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Carter and the two second portraits … photography at Studio on Main

In Business, Children, Photography, Portrait on May 7, 2013 at 6:21 AM


I see posts online all the time about the “10 minute portrait” – how to get a decent shot when you are short on time.



Five year old Carter and his mom popped into the studio recently to deliver me a piece of furniture – and Carter insisted on being my model.



We invented the “two second portrait” … lol.  First he ran full speed through the studio – in and out of the massage room, kitchen, gallery space – then back to the photography space. He’d hop up on a chair, stool, couch – and shout “take my picture now” – at which point he’d smile and sit still for literally two seconds before wiggling down and running the course again.



It was actually a lot of fun to photograph someone so excited to be my subject and gave me a great opportunity to explore the light and space.  I’ve been so busy just setting up and promoting the massage therapy portion of the business that I’ve neglected to remind anyone that I am a photographer too.



The possibilities here are endless. There is a beautiful indoor space, a huge front porch and even a small yard. Room for both styled and natural shoots, I can’t wait to get started.

  1. Great reading your blog postt

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