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Show & Tell … Portrait Session with Elizabeth

In Business, Children, local artist, Photography, Portrait on August 11, 2013 at 5:19 PM

As I worked on the images from my portrait session with Elizabeth I thought about how I needed to cull a few to create a “sneak peek” album for Facebook. The more I came across ones that really excited me the more I realized the “sneak peek” was really more of a show and tell for the photographer. We love what we do so much that when an image we made really strikes our fancy we become like little kids in grade school bringing our most prized possession to class. That’s how I feel anyways. I just want to share this thing that makes my heart sing! Here is my favorite from out time together.

Elizabeth’s family just expanded by newborn twins so her mom brought her into the studio to have an “all about her time” – and we had so much fun. She is a wonderful girl – full of energy, a great sense of humor, a very sweet heart and a vibrant sense of style. We negotiated with each other and did lots of colorful pictures the way she wanted, and then a few subdued, quieter ones for me. In fact – working with her taught me a lot. The artist in me wanted to make images that I liked – and the service oriented photographer wanted and needed to make images she would be pleased with and I had to make sure to let her needs outweigh my own. So, that being said – here is my show and tell of our collaboration. She was a pleasure to work with.

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