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Untitled; Woman In Water

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This image was created for and hung in a juried show at The Stone Crop Gallery in Maine.  The title of the exhibition was “Love, Hate & Everything In-between” and was left open for wide interpretation. In the several weeks spent musing about what I wanted to create I listened to a TED Talk about creativity given by Elizabeth Gilbert.  She explored where creativity comes from and offered a theory of a “creative genius” – that we all have one – rather than we can all be one. My interpretation of what she offered is one that is also encountered in the book “The Artist’s Way”. That is that we as artists are responsible for showing up to do the work – but this creative genius – or spirit – is responsible for the inspiration and the quality.

Still in the process of deciding what to make for this exhibit I visited a friend at her lake house. In the middle of telling her about the TED Talk, my “creative genius” tapped me on the shoulder and I had a vision of this photograph.  It was persistent and insistent.  I knew I had to make this picture that day.  It took me several hours to talk my friend into climbing into the lake to be my model – and I’m so glad she did.


The original title for this piece was “Paralyzed by fear (thoughts of inadequacy)”. I’d decided that in relationship to self we can experience “love, hate and everything in between” and created a set of six images with themed titles. A fellow photographer came to me one day a little miffed and said he didn’t like the title because it limited what he saw. He found beauty in the image and thought others might as well. So in his memory I changed the title to make room for each viewer to take away their own meaning.

A 30″ x 22″ framed print of this image is available in the studio at 264 Main Street in Manchester, CT.   We are open Tuesday – Saturday by appointment and be reached by email: or phone: 860.306.0067.

Social Media Portrait with Donna O…

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I loved having Donna in my studio last week. We did a 30 minute social media portrait that will [hopefully] work well for her new blog “More than Hungry” – go check it out! Donna wrote and submitted a story into a contest – and she will be published soon!! When the article is published they will be linking to her newly created blog where you will be able to read all kinds of great stories about cooking – well, more than cooking – about how hospitality brings people together and helps foster love and relationships. Donna is very creative, talented, warm and friendly. She was a guest at our first game night here in the studio and brought such a beautiful display of food that I had to take pictures of it [it was quite delicious too]!  Here are just a few of the images from our time together. I hope you see the beautiful and generous spirit that I do.

What is a soft opening? [May 1, 2013]

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There’s been some confusion over my use of the term “soft opening” for my new studio. Several people told me they had no idea what I was talking about – so they didn’t know how to respond.

I think I learned the phrase from my days in the service industry. When a new restaurant opens it is good practice to do a soft opening before the grand opening. It means that you open your doors for business quietly (no advertisements or announcements) and test the waters with a few customers who wander in. It gives the employees a chance to learn the ropes and gives a little cushion of time to correct any oversights that arise or errors in equipment functioning, etc. That way when you have a formal grand opening you are more prepared to put your best face forward.

In my case by soft opening I mean that I’ve only just gotten my hands on the space in the past couple of days. I’m pretty much ready to do business – but not everything will be in place for a while. Aesthetically probably not for a year. Specifically – my massage room is up and ready to roll. I already have a massage booked for May 1st – the first day of my soft opening – Yay! …and have sold my first gift certificate! The art gallery is in progress – and will develop over time. Many of my things are in – and in the near future I will add more variety from other local artists. Photographically – I’m ready to take portraits – as I have always been, using natural light and organic backgrounds. Photo studio wise – my backdrops are still coming as well as some extra lights. So that end of the business is ready to function – and will grow and change as time goes on.

The grand opening will probably come in late May/early June. This will be a chance for the general public to come see the space – enjoy some refreshments – and learn about all I have to offer. In the meantime – I appreciate all positive word of mouth. For all of May 2013 there is a special offer of $15 off of the 60 or 90 minute house massage – so tell someone to take advantage of it and book today!

Here are several quick pictures I took today – sneak peek.

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