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Mallory | Personal Project

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Mallory came in to help me play with light and shadow a while back.  I keep circling around to a personal project that I’d like to do. I work with it – then find that it has changed or is not quite right.  Sometimes the only thing that helps me move forward / get unstuck is to play around with what I have and to let it be  messy and undone until more clarity arrives. I’ve heard that as a creative person I have to just show up every day to do the work and hope that one day a creative muse shows up to collaborate with me. Here is today’s showing up. Thank you Mallory for being my model and allowing me to experiment!


Experimenting with light and layers.

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Greta sat for me so I could experiment with some low-key lighting for a personal project I’m working on.  It was going to be all black and white with minimal post processing. Now I find myself playing with color and layering of old, dusty, scratchy images. That seems to be how my creative process works. Starting off with an idea and playing around until what wants to be expressed reveals itself. Is that what it’s like for you?

Making something new, old … tin type [ish] photograph

In Art, art portraiture, local artist, Photography, Portrait on August 20, 2013 at 6:09 PM

If I had my way, the money, the resources, etc most of my photography would be made using old processes. It’s not that I’ve done then so much as I admire the craft. The risk. The patience. The time invested. The skill that has to be developed. This is my first attempt at giving a nod to tin type, digitally. The first image is one I took last week, with something like this in mind. A Lensbaby Composer was used to give the natural hazy/blurry feel.  I quite like it as is and enjoy the mood that’s created with all the texture layers. Which one speaks to you the  most?

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