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end of day

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End of the day
in a place I only had
a few moments in.
Excited because the light was pretty.
Anxious because I was with 
three people and two dogs
who are not photographers
or artists – who were being patient but also,
wanted to move along.
They don’t know how quickly
the light changes
or how long it’s been
since I’ve felt inspired
to capture something.
This is making many photos quickly …
rather than going slowly, looking at
angles and perspectives, or
waiting to feel moved
by the subject.
Just hoping one will turn out OK.

Corn | Tania Palermo | Photographer | Connecticut

In Art, landscape, local artist, Photography on July 22, 2014 at 8:39 PM

Corn … in CT … at the golden hour. I think this would be a beautiful spot for a portrait.

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